our special ingredient is love

Snicker Poodle Doodles

Snicker Poodle Doodles are our number one goodie! Everyone loves this beg-worthy peanut butter goodies.  Cross hatched the way grandma taught is, this goodie is a winner every time!


Fido Fruit Salad

Made with fresh strawberries and blueberries, this goodie is a surprise favorite! 

Bow Wow Brownies

A staple at the markets, Peanut butter makes this goodie another homerun!

Cheesy balls

A market favorite, cheesy balls can always be found on the table…unless you have arrived too late.

Barkin' for Bacon

Freshly baked bacon, nitrate free, This pack pleaser is always a hit.

Apple Puppy Pie

Fresh diced Granny Smith apples mixed with a hint of raw honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon makes your dog roll over and over.

come visit us at the farmer's markets in the tampa bay and get a goodie!

Above is just a small sampling of our most beloved goodies.  We do our best to reflect the season with our Goodies. In the Spring and Summer your four legged family member will enjoy more berry and fruit goodies, while in the Fall and Winter we turn our attention to Fall centric flavors capturing pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes and cranberries. 

Regardless of the season, our main focus is on the quality of the limited ingredients we use. We focus on using whole foods,  organic, without preservatives that follow the philosophy of the Hot and Cold diet ; the Ying and the Yang from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

5 Elements for Animals located in Sarasota Fl and is a mobile holistic vet and is a wonderful resource to have so close to us here in the Tampa Bay area.  Dr Wendy Ying and Dr Kyle Swason are more than happy to help you with more intense food therapy available.  Please visit their website at: https://www.drwendyying.com/

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